Book Review – After You

Book Review – After You

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Book Review – After You

After You (Me Before You #2)

By Jojo Moyes

This book is an unexpected sequel of a famous novel called “Me Before You”. Thus, before reviewing it, I should give my opinion about the first part of the story.

Me Before You” was – and still – one of my favorite novels I ever read. It was full of passion, empathy, and simplicity. I remember the first time I had the book in my hands as a gift from my cousin which I met for the first time in my life face to face (because he lives in Germany). He knew how much I love books based on my Facebook profile, so he decided to surprise me with a small gift, and I can say it was a very good choice.

after you

I am not a big fan of novels, therefore, the beginning of this book was kind of boring for me. We all have seen, heard or read about sad love stories. Louisa is an ordinary girl who is not doing much in her life. She starts taking care of a disabled rich guy, then she falls in love with him (no more spoiling … Read the book to find out what happened. It is all about the ending). But when I got to the middle of the novel it started touching me inside. I never met a disabled person. But I know perfectly how it feels to be disabled emotionally, out of choices, unable to decide about anything, unable to enjoy anything you used to like before … I know how it feels when your life looks the same but it does not feel the same.

On the other side, I know how it feels to love the impossible … To try hard to change facts then just fail. I know how it feels to be full of angry words, facing the one who changed your whole life, but fighting your thoughts and arguing silently within your mind, because you know the sound of your thoughts won’t make things better. For these reasons, this book was a touch on my soul. It was my unspoken sentences. And I recommend it to anyone who wants an escape from some bad days. In case you are intrigued about the story but don’t have enough time to read it, then you can simply wait for the movie to watch (I am waiting for a year now).

When “Me Before You” was first published by the end of 2012, the author didn’t plan for a sequel. The perfection of the book was all about the unanswered questions that hunted the readers. But when she started working on the movie script (it is supposed to be released in 2016), she decided to write “After You” to answer those questions, … and in my opinion, that was not a smart decision. I was very glad when the book was published in September 2015, because I thought unintentionally that it will be as good as the first part, but I also doubted that a great book like “Me Before You” can have a sequel of the same goodness level. To kill my doubts, I read the book … and I was not very surprised.

 Louisa was confused, lost, and afraid of making decisions and move on with her life. She sounds the same Louisa. Sometimes, the author gets me bored with unnecessary details of some scenes, especially with the presence of Will (Louisa former lover) in every conversation she makes. On the other hand, the author succeeded in explaining how people feel and act after being involved in a catastrophic life-changing event. She also made me smile, laugh, and sometimes cry. Jojo is a very sensitive writer who knows how to bring her characters to life in a very realistic manner, using very simple language.

 Even though “After You” was not as perfect as “Me Before You”, I still can say it was very enjoyable to read it in the calm nights and warm January days. Enjoy!


Meriem Laifa
a PhD student in computer science, more precisely social network analysis and information system. I am interested in literature, philosophy, and psychology. I love researching, writing, and learning. Reading is my ultimate pleasure.

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  1. Avatar

    HI !

  2. Avatar

    حنان منزل غرابة

    you sggested to read “me before you” if anyone is going through bad times and it just came at the very right time… even though i never ever read any book or novel in English and that was the first but it really really took my mind and soul
    i lived every detail in it with everything i have i even bothered my friends a bit about it :p
    but you know what it really made me see things i wasn’t aware of like the possibilities i have and ….
    anyway, even if i loved Will and i can’t imagine the rest of the novel without him lol :p but i am really curious wanting to know how Lou is gonna make it happen , you know her life
    so am on reading After You
    thank you very very much Meriem

    1. Avatar

      Laifa Meriem

      Oh Hanan!! I am so happy to read your comment. And happier that you discovered your ability to read easily in English. I will be available in case you want more books recommendations . My pleasure dear to help.

  3. Avatar

    Imane Belfaci

    thanks a bucket load for your amazing review of the book, I like your experience and kind of felt the same feeling, it’s amazing when you are gifted a book especially from a person you see the first time in your life! I wish you a good luck in your writing! You’re mazing <3 .
    Imane Belfaci .

    1. Avatar

      Meriem Laifa

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. Follow us to read next articles and reviews ^_^

  4. Avatar

    حنان منزل غرابة

    i’d thank you for the hundrendth time for writing about the book, you just can’t imagine what it did to me.
    Well, as i promised i’ve read after you, and to be fair i hated i tat first, maybe that i didn’t like Will’s absence ( i’am so much attached to Will :p ) or maybe it was Lou’s depression, i hate depression and i didn’t find it fun to live it once again in a book ( let me tell you that i both read and live books ) . i even hated jojo focusing on these ugly parts lot much more than the first book, i felt horrible. And lily’s appearance just made it very bad, lot of drama there and i simply decided to stop reading it. I was sure it’s my fault to ask for answers.
    But then i missedit and i felt so much curious about the rest and i finished it in one night.
    The end was good, really good, i was happy that Lou finally found her way… i can’t just talk more about it
    But after you is not really that good , i’d read me before you 10000000 time and never read the sequel again

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