A Day Without Electricity

A Day Without Electricity

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no electricity

A Day Without Electricity
It has been so long since the last time I looked at my sister’s painting on the wall of the living room. Pink roses surrounding a blue woody door. It didn’t change, except the fact that it is so dusty now. It has been so long since I have seen the chickens in the garden. There are fewer chickens now but the garden didn’t change at all.

It has been so long I did not stay alone at home and notice these small details that remind me of old time, when I was still young and full of hope. It has been so long I did not contemplate my fears, my failures, my life …. Myself … Nothing changed, yet everything seems different … Nothing changed but me.
When I first read an announcement that there will be no electricity the next day, I was frustrated. In addition to the unbearable heat, I was wondering how to spend a whole day without connecting on Twitter and Facebook, checking my emails, and reading the news from the New York Times.

I woke up late (around 8 AM), feeling already down as I had no idea how to spend my day. I had my breakfast, then I sit in the living room … silently. It was there when I noticed the painting facing me. And it was there when I heard the chickens from the garden so I hurried up with some food and water for them.
I went back to the living room … Silence again … Although I love silence, I couldn’t bear all the thoughts it brought to me that day. Therefore, I decided to go out – despite the heat. To make it interesting, I asked my younger brother to go with me and help me buy a new pair of running shoes. He accepted easily, and we went out talking and laughing like kids. We didn’t do this for more than 7 years. We had fun. I drove him crazy because of my complicated taste. But he drove me mad because of his smelly cigarettes. He told me a lot about his experiences and adventures at the university. It was amazing how fast he grew up. We met some of his friends, and some people I used to know. Honestly!!! All I could remember were the faces … no names. I also heard my town news; who was borne, who died, who is in peace with life, who is fighting to survive it … and there were two common sentences they all said to me: “you look so young” … “you sound very different”. My answer for youth was always the same “I am makeup free and petite, I must look young”. But when it comes to “sounding different”, I was not sure what to say. I ignored the remark with a large smile and an excuse to go on with my brother.

When I came home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I needed to be forced to notice the real world where I used to live before … away from the stress of the internet and social media … away from the information overload that made our life more finical. I got lost in my thoughts … Am I actually different? If yes, what is so different about me? What did really cause it? How disconnected did I become from my family, my town and my people? How bad can it be? Should I be more careful about the offline life? Should I pay more attention to the offline “me”?
I bet I am not the only one asking all these questions and feeling lost in a connected world. You, who is reading my words, can feel it too, right? So! Did you think about it? Did you find answers? …


Meriem Laifa
a PhD student in computer science, more precisely social network analysis and information system. I am interested in literature, philosophy, and psychology. I love researching, writing, and learning. Reading is my ultimate pleasure.

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    Hanane Menzel Ghraba

    i liked the way you wrote … i liked more your answer about youth 😀 😀 ….. what an interesting topic you picked…. it .actually touched me cause right now i am living the same state … lost in an online world and by the way i didn’t find any answers yet …… good job girl

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      Thank you for your encouraging comment. I know it is hard to find the answer, especially in such storm of modern technology use. But I really hope we can keep it under control to avoid negative effects.

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    nice post,it is useful to me and others,please just keep it on….

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